Siddha Jagaran Seva Samiti

Siddha Jagran Seva Samiti Program (SJSS), the SJSS has been envisaged to create an awakening and interest in the local community about issues like education, health (esp. children's health), behavior and attitudes (esp. of children), children's rights, duties of the grown-ups, responsibilities for social justice and all round development in the villages on micro-plan basis.

It is organized under three wings:

  1. Children's Wing:

    It consists as its members children of age from 6 to 16 years. It advocates the interest of children. In Children's rights the emphasis has to be laid on: i) The right to an identity (child's birth date registration, and birth certificate; girl-child's feticide checking, immunizations, health care and providing nutritional food ) ii) Safety during family living environment, female health and hygiene, driving and smoking/drinking ills in society) iii) Development ( Govt. schools, games & sports and entertainment material for all, including handicapped children) and iv) Participation ( Parents Teachers Students meet, Family decisions, village/school developmental efforts, environmental concerns etc)

  2. Youth Wing:

    It includes Parents and Guardians and other youth from the region interested in the aims of the SJSS. This wing includes the Foundation For Excellence (FFE) awardees in the areas of their respective Chapters. The group is to advocates development and monitoring of the schools and other active problems in the villages.

    Additionally, they are supposed to look after the healthcare requirement of children & adults. The availability of hospitals for the citizen's is essential. The youth wing will be the main participant for highlighting the concerns of the citizens and local residents to the authorities associated with the solution of the problems encountered in the region by the public.

    Similarly, SJSS contributes towards proper functioning of the schools in the locality. They try to get other NGO's involved in the programs conducted in the local schools. The youths are also encouraged to coordinate with the School Development and Monitoring Committees (SDMC) and help in proper & efficient functioning of the schools. This wing should motivate women/ guardians/community to own the schools to take active role in SDMC and SJSS, as they are the key stake holders in the Process of Development. Parents do want education for children. But whenever circumstances go beyond their control they are forced to withdraw their children from schools. SJSS should create solutions to their problems. SJSS is expected to find individual /group solutions.

  3. Grandparents Wing:

    It looks after the pressing problems of the local society which need vocal expression and sound advice to younger generation for maintaining tradition and culture.

    • Birth and Population Control: The Grand Parents wing will take part in this activity by solid advice to fertile couples. Corruption in Govt and other Offices /Individuals: It is well known that the corruption is a big factor for hindering the development of society in India. The backward areas are more prone to it. Sincere efforts have to be done to root out corrupt practices in the society. All the wings will participate in this activity.
    • Behavior and attitudes of citizens e.g. towards, child marriages, dowry, Population Control, (PW and GPW) Dowry System elimination: Every year there are thousands of wives beaten to death, burned alive, electrocuted, poisoned, pushed out windows or otherwise killed horrifically. The incidence are less in hills but women abuse has to be totally eliminated from society which thrives on women labor in hills.(esp. of child marriages ill effects.), The youth and grandparents wing ill be active in it.
    • Awareness in the Society and Elimination of Corruption in society at administrative and political levels. Sincere efforts have to be done to root out corrupt practices in the society. Ills in society like driving with smoking/drinking, bribery, environmental concerns, transparency in dealings, difficulties of general public at local, district, state or union level, participation in Governance, family feuds can only be eradicated with proper counseling & awareness. The various programs made for the people like Girls being given Rs 25000/ after Inter mediate examinations, Veer C S Gadhwali Travel self employment scheme, Chara Bank, Gas Cylinder schemes for women, pension for widows, old-age pension etc. are available for the general citizen and this wings aims at helping them in getting what they deserve.
    • Discriminations of any form to be avoided: Language, race, creed, color, ancestry, nationality of origin, physical/mental disability, veteran status, culture, economic position, educational background, religious belongings, and source of income, sex, marital status, and sexual orientation should not be regarded as a source of discrimination as per training received in the schools.

Adopt a School

A unique program empowered by every technical know-how from Himwats Savidya with detailed information and step-by-step evaluation of proposed school(s).


Vocational Training

For the students to develop interest in vocational fields. We are targeting youths also who have some level of education and can be trained to earn their living.



Various merit based scholarships are available to disadvantaged students. We also facilitate Foundation for Excellence Scholarships to the students going for Higher Education.


Free Health Camps

are organized in various regions of Uttarakhand. People are informed about the various diseases pertaining to ears, eyes, heart etc. and they are treated free of cost.