Savidya Education

Savidya Upasamiti was established as a branch of HIMWATS aiming towards providing quality education and healthcare to the under-privileged in Uttarakhand. For the past four years we have been associated with ASHA For Education Silicon Valley chapter. They have been the main contributor in our activities. A synopsis of major activities can be found at- The major areas of our operation are as below:

Quality education & Health care program through Adopt-A-School

Quality education is the right of every individual & we at Savidya have been continuously working towards this by giving support to government schools. To make the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan of Indian government a success we try to fulfill the additional needs of the schools for making them a model school. To complement & supplement the school condition indicators in Primary school. Click for School Indicator...

Siddha Jagran Seva Samiti Program (SJSS)

The SJSS has been envisaged to create an awakening and interest in the local community about issues like education, health (esp. children's health), behavior and attitudes (esp. of children), children's rights, duties of the grown-ups, responsibilities for social justice and all round development in the villages on micro-plan basis.
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Learning & Science Resource Center

Students have been doing rote learning in most of the schools (private or government) and this is worst in case of Science & other subjects which needs practical learning in addition to theoretical learning. But we believe in the "learning-by-doing" methodology of teaching and our Learning & Science Resource Center is a step towards it. The first center was started at Kulethi School, Champawat in May, 2008. It was initiated with the help of Sikshya Sopan, an IIT Kanpur organization monitored by Dr. H C Verma.

Teacher Training

Teachers' training is an essential part of our organization. The advertisement regarding the recruitment of teachers is given in the local newspapers. Candidates have to go through a written test & an interview by a committee consisting of retired principals, DIET members etc. Although they have the requisite qualifications but since they lack proper experience and exposure they had to go through a training organized by HIMWATS. The training is conducted 2 to 3 times a year.

Vocational Training

The main idea of vocational training is that the students can develop interest in some of the vocational fields. The other segments we are targeting are the youths who have some level of education and can be trained to earn their living. In the past we have conducted training in computer education, soft toys making, stitching & dress designing etc. We are planning to talk to the local industry and ask for their advices & ideas regarding the training.


Adopt a School

A unique program empowered by every technical know-how from Himwats Savidya with detailed information and step-by-step evaluation of proposed school(s).


Vocational Training

For the students to develop interest in vocational fields. We are targeting youths also who have some level of education and can be trained to earn their living.



Various merit based scholarships are available to disadvantaged students. We also facilitate Foundation for Excellence Scholarships to the students going for Higher Education.


Free Health Camps

are organized in various regions of Uttarakhand. People are informed about the various diseases pertaining to ears, eyes, heart etc. and they are treated free of cost.