The Savidya Upasamiti

The Savidya Upasamiti

The Savidya Upasamiti aims to create a high-quality sustainable model educational setup with health care to check the exodus of residents of hills to the plains of India. For the success of our efforts, the co-operation govt officials, citizens' parents, teachers and enthusiasm in children has to be created, through state-of-the-art (SOTA) facilities for physical and mental development.




Where Help is Needed?

The redesign is a great opportunity for organizations and individuals to gain experience working on a large Drupal project, work with Drupal experts, and give back to the Drupal community.

The redesign project needs volunteers with a willingness to dedicate themselves to the redesign, familiarity of the site and an understanding of how to work within the community.


Adopt a School

A unique program empowered by every technical know-how from Himwats Savidya with detailed information and step-by-step evaluation of proposed school(s).


Vocational Training

For the students to develop interest in vocational fields. We are targeting youths also who have some level of education and can be trained to earn their living.



Various merit based scholarships are available to disadvantaged students. We also facilitate Foundation for Excellence Scholarships to the students going for Higher Education.


Free Health Camps

are organized in various regions of Uttarakhand. People are informed about the various diseases pertaining to ears, eyes, heart etc. and they are treated free of cost.