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Different aspects of healthy life have been emphasized by various experts, specially for children , older and weaker people. During March 11 13 2015 on a visit to II T Kanpur for the golden jubilee celebrations of the first Batch (1960 65), seven habits of highly healthy people were summarized by Abhay Bhusan (RN -60001). This looked attractive to me and I am putting in my words the feelings assimilated for general dissemination. An abbreviation “R E W A R D S” was used to symbolize the 7 essential habits. I am putting the essential features for general information as explained below:
1) Regeneration of body, mind, intellect and spirit : The famous Deepak Chopra has remarked recently that more than 70% of people in USA are suffering with “Generalized Anxiety Disorder”- (GAD) . He defines GAD as a chronic anxiety state. My well considered opinion for healthy life style is to replace GAD with GLAD (Gladly Laugh Away the Disorders) . The latter word I have coined based on the advice given by my Guru Dr D D Pant whom I have heard saying “laugh away the anger”. I remember it as I was practicing this method unconsciously since my days in Pithoragarh in 1953 during my first year of Intermediate to get rid of the extreme stress whole day; cleaning room ,fetching water after bath from a “Dhara”, cooking food (Khichari) washing dishes , going to GIC on foot about 3 km away , studying hard to do well in examinations with no books and other conveniences, travel on foot to Darah Champawat some 50Km away from Pithoragarh during holidays etc.Every evening in Takora ,the village that I lived, I used to assemble the children from the whole village to the top of the hilllock inTakora ad we used to laugh to the content of our hearts,. The poem H(a)-He- Li –Be- Bo C, N ,O, F, Ne (to remember the periodic ) was assembled during that time. Love of nature, friendships, keeping oneself busy with healthy work of ones liking, music, laughter etc bring peace and joy and help in reducing stress.
2) Exercise Complete: Could be categorized as External and Internal. The external exercise is to keep our body in good shape-Walking, running, swimming games and sports, Yogic postures etc and other methods for by developing muscles in various parts of body, developing flexibility, strengthening various subsystems of body to improve strength and stamina. The internal exercise should be considered as capacity building of internal organs like lungs, liver, kidneys, gallbladder, and various internal organs. Meditation, Yogic- Pranayams and other rhythmic breathing exercises helps in strengthening different internal body subsystems.
3) Water: Water constitutes ~75% of our body. Pollution free air –oxygen is essential to clean the body from toxins generated within body continuously. The body should be always kept well hydrated with proper balance of pH ( alkine side- pH > 7.0).Tea, coffee, alcohol, and intake of chemicals, even prescribed medicine should be taken only in moderation. Intake of sugar and salt daily intakes has to be minimised. 7 glasses of water per day are recommended.
4) Attitude: Always a positive approach should be taken for solving the problems creeping in day life. The discussion in item 1) above is worth noticing again. The people having GAD Condition remain in the chronic anxiety state. Smallest perturbations relating to daily activity concerning normal family, health, work or finances could trigger the stress in the born chronic worriers mentioned above. The normal mind body connection takes toll on the physical side of the anxiety. These types of people have overactive minds and are very susceptible to stressful situations. The quieting of the racing mind/body conditions may need some form of tranquillizers. The traits already mentioned above may help in creating Optimism, gratefulness, cheerfulness, and positive attitude in the people. There could go a long way to get rid of the vagaries of GAD and promoting/ generating GLAD atmosphere.
5) Rest: To restore and regain the vitality for another days work, proper rest is essential. One gets full rest while in deep sleep. Proper external gadgets needed for a good night’s sleep ( 4 to 8 hours) – in a quite airy room, with pleasant surroundings, bed and mattresses providing the external support for good sleep are helpful. One can also get full rest using Yoga relaxation techniques like Savasana.
6) Diet: The importance of daily intake of proper balanced diet with active life style is to be emphasized for good healthy long life. Fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, dried fruits, seeds , whole grains, lentils etc. in moderate amount ( including good essential fatty acids nurture both the body and mind; essential to generate intelligence and good social behavior. Intake of processed food and excess of carbohydrates, even partially hydrogenated fats and trans -fats, belly- fats, and sedentary life styles have to be avoided at all costs to keep healthy till 100 years.
7) Service : The service to society comes when one gets satisfied with his possessions.
One has to inculcate passion for philanthropy. My view on Philanthropy is as follows:
: Psychologically Philanthropy Permeates from Particular Profit-less prudent Performance of a Person with a Passion. This Passion is Permanent Pursuit (with Patience, Perseverance Persistence) of a Personal Preferred Pastime to Pay- back to Poorer People a Perfect Patented Profitable Produce or Product. It has to be Developed and decoratively nurtured with Devotion for Decades During the Days of one Diversification.

The concept of “Sarve bhawantu sukhinah, “and thinking beyond oneself comes when the pitcher inside overflows!.
"Exuberance of self - satisfaction is what goes to others”
To develop the concept of “Danaya-Bhogaya”, “Paropkaraya satam vibhutayah” culture has to be developed locally and globally.
Developing spirituality relieves stress and leads to self- realization of oneness of creation.
This is the mantra of long satisfied life are the 7 - R E W A R D S letters,which are elaborated in short in the writeup, on the basis of my interaction with Golden Jubilee Group in IITK during March 12- 15 2015.


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